Party buster too expansive and more

ok i will try to do it simply. Party are just too expansive to bust. it cost a real fortune for people like me who attend party to enjoy the party buster and have those reward busted.

Main reason for that is the GEMS cost who are too expansive.i have spent more than i would on my own car monthly in this game and i dont see any benefit to doing this at the end.

The new addition with log in bonus and free fishies are realy a nice addition to loyal Customer but in the end it will only encourage those with multiple account to create even more account to just get more free stuff. It will be irrevelant in any help to enjoy a great party.

u have a great bunch of people spending on this game .. we have fun and we share alot .. but we cant keep going like that .. most people get tired to spend a fortune to enjoy a '' free'' game. i chose to spend cause i want to and because it is more fun to share it with friends .. but there is some limit to my spending and my patience.. just like most people i have limited income and will have choice to make.

so to resume .. make party easier to bust...people will make more party enjoy them even more and still spend alot in the game. at the end ur Customer will ge gratefull and good word will go around and do much better than rants and what not to help sell more gems. Lowering price of gems would help alot too if party buster price are not an option.

im just posting here what many speak of and dont take the time to post... have a good day.


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