Cha Cha Ching Bingo

I have already put in a notice that the bingo does not register every winner. I was just playing the game and it did not register 2 cards that won, Therefore anyone playing the game loses out on two cards not registered. I realize that 2 cards is not really a big deal but when someone sits and plays the game for 3 or 4 hours they could be missing quite a few cards not counted and does not receive the due amount they should have. I am totally disgruntled with the way that things go on around here,. In my opinion none of these things should not be happening and certainly not behind closed doors. If there is a problem  with a game then fix it immediately. If a game is down for repairs make sure there is a sign that everyone can see stating "DOWN FOR REPAIRS. " And if a person tells you that a game is not operating properly then go test it and then fix it.


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