Charm Party...Throwing charms is ALWAYS optional. It's your choice NOT the host's.

I have been playing VW and CW for a long time and just recently started playing Zone. I've been to many parties, sometimes I throw party charms and sometimes I don't. I was recently called a "leech" and booted from a party for not throwing charms.That is why I'm posting this.

Party Hosts,

Throwing charms at a party is NOT mandatory and should NOT be expected. Throwing charms is each player's personal choice. IT DOES NOT BECOME MANDATORY JUST BECAUSE YOU (the host) SAYS IT IS or because YOU expect it. The only thing mandatory at a party (by Zone casino rules) is paying the entry fee.  

A lot of players use party passes to go to charm parties and have few or no gems to throw charms with. Not everyone can afford to pay real money to play this game and ZONE doesn't allow its players free gem offers like VW and CW does.

Requesting charms from other players is a violation of Zone conduct rules.

Party goers,

If you see a party listing where the host is requesting or demanding that players buy charms at their party; Report that player.

If you're at a party where the host or another player is requesting/demanding you buy charms and is bullying you, harassing you, or verbally abusing you for not doing so; Report that player.

REPORT THEM: Click on their avatar or listed name, click profile, click more, click report.


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