Every day i log on the wrong amout of daily coins are way shy of what I am supposed to receive.  Oh the wheel it shows that i am getting the proper return for log on everyday an also the multiplier I am supposed to receive of 5x.  . I get aroud 1mill coins everyday or supposed to .  Now with all the things right however it showed  and only increased my coins by 50K and this is terribly wrong and i would like to have an explanation for  this .  I am usually VIP but with the problems lately i have not continued the monthly renewal.  I would like to know why on sign in the % and  all are correct 2xfor daily an  5x that amount for loyalty and then  I only get 50K .  I am due some coins here  and if this is happening in a game then i wonder what happens to real gamblers  by the casinos.  This constant email writing is absurd. 


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