How the heck does this happen???

the other night I had a party with my BF and i took pics and he took pics. After the party was over I asked him why he didn't dress up. He said I was wearing a tux and I said on my screen you had on jeans and a tee shirt. So we went and looked at each other pics and there it was just like we were both seeing. How does that happen?  Also another flaw is when i see him in one of our suites he is way shorter than usual and on his screen he sees him as tall. We took pics once again and sure enough my pics came out with a short version on him while he was tall in his pics. Again please get this together. Also the quality of the pics on the new zone is far below average compared to the old zone, I was told when I asked about this that it is not a priority....really cause people here on the zone care about things like that. Maybe listen to what we have to say and make some changes to keep your loyal customers.



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