New Zone Problems cannot load the room??? Really ????

Please someone tell me if they are getting this message 10 times a day like I am? I have to reboot sometimes 10 times a day and that is no lie. What is going on here,   the message says "Cannot load the room, please contact Customer Service" which does not work, when you go to the help page, what is up with that. Also screen freezes, or get a black screen and have to reboot again. Am I the only one here that this is happening too? I tried to purchase and outfit for a friend the other day from her wish list, froze again, someone please help us or there will be no one left to help. FIX the dang place!!!!!!!!!!  So many have left and are leaving, should have tested this place before launching. And the parties OMG are more trouble than they are worth, chat is so slow, buying takes forever, the avatars omg well that is a whole different story, so really Zone???????

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