New version of Zone

I agree with all of the complaints others have expressed here and have a couple more:


Elite members are supposed to have access to online concierge help - NOT. It is not functioning today and I can't have my questions answered or a personal chat with staff.  Also, if you can get to the concierge it says Vegas World.  Are they both the same entity?


I have an elite membership that expires April 26, 2018. I haven't decided yet if I want to renew but since I can't find any place to renew I guess that is a mute point.  I can't get into the support page to ask because it is not functioning.


I want the status bar on the charms reinstated. I dislike playing blind, never knowing when the charm will burn out or how close it is to being done.


I switched to Google Chrome because I was told the site did not work well with Microsoft Edge but it doesn't work a whole lot better with Google.  I must remember to clear the cache, cookies, browsing history because if I don't the game freezes up and sometimes even then it freezes.  Most annoying if you happen to be at a party.  When everything is cleared then you must reset your log in data.


If the program can't be fixed than I agree, reinstate the old Zone Online Casino but keep the new games. Some of them are fun.


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