What we dont like about the new zone and want old back

Dig here is the deal there are many of us that dislike the new zone and I will give you direct reasons why. For 1 you cant boot players out of your suite what if there is some perv in there what am to do? For 2 it takes so long to change clothes and fine our stuff find the clothes that we get sent. For 3 there is a lot of people here and I mean ALOT that are in the older crowd and are not computer smart and cant get around the new zone at all the old zone was simple. You know how many I help a day to find stuff or get some where enough to where you should be playing me as a staff member but they are my friends and I don't want them to leave your site so I help them. You cant save your dance moves on the bar like the old site and that sucks a lot all the friend are not in alph order on the side . You cant make your own slot room and group people in and when you change games you get thrown from the slot room not cool. Zone we don't care the party buster thing or not so much on the new slots. We just want the old zone back paying for something that we cant work and buying gems for a site we no longer like isn't worth it . There is a lot of detacated people here that spend a lot and I mean ALOT of money here and if its not fixed to where we have the old zone back or use both they will leave


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