Guests and Poker - Who's With Me?

I and so many other people are infuriated with these "Guests" that come to the poker tables and win (seemingly more often than not) our chips and elevate to levels equal to many registered members without purchasing membership or a single gem. Personally, I've heard theories such as "Oh, the site lets them win as an incentive to join." I call bullshit! What incentive is there if I can play as a guest, win more often than members BECAUSE I am a guest, sit at the table and receive charms passed out by paying members and reach levels numbering in the 40s without ever sending the site a penny?

You want to know what incentive will work to get guests to sign up and pay up? Limit their "guest" status to one week. Either register your name or lose everything - coins, charms, level, clothing. Another incentive would be to limit their poker playing to themselves, allowing guests to play only with other guests, thereby NOT taking coins from members who have PAID for theirs. The site claims that purchasing gems and memberships will help you to win more coins, so we do. We pay cash money for gems and memberships and use our gems to purchase charms that the site tells us will increase (uh huh) our winnings in the games. Then we're practically forced to play poker with non-paying guests who seem to win more than we do, taking our coins/gems/cash. How much freaking sense does that make?

Either limit their status to one week tops or allow them to play only with other guests. Stop screwing your paid members now!



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