How do I give/receive Scratch Tickets?

Scratch Tickets are a way for players to gift others with some free Coins. Each day, when a player first signs in, they may receive up to five scratch tickets from other players. If a player receives more than five tickets, the extras aren't wasted. They are saved for a future date when maybe there aren't five new tickets available. If that happens, tickets from previous days are used up so the player still gets five for that day.

There are two ways to give Scratch Tickets:

* Right after a player gets scratch tickets for the day, the game will ask if that player would like to return the favor. You can return the tickets to the players who sent that day's tickets, or select any and all friends to get them.
* Scratch Tickets are displayed at the top of all players' Gift sections. Go to the gift section of any other player's Profile and give a scratch Ticket for some free Coins.

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