How do I get Gems and Coins?

Free Coins are added to each Zone Casino account the first time they log in each day. Gems must be purchased for money.

The Daily Spin coins increase in value each day you log in consecutively, up to a maximum bonus of 7 days in a row.
Up to five Daily Scratch Ticket Coins can also be awarded to you by your friends. Be sure to return the favor if they send you Tickets!

To purchase Coins you must select the Coin tab at the top of the Zone Casino screen (where your Coin total is displayed) From there you can either buy Coins from the Coin Buy Coins section (known as the Coin Machine) or get Coins with Charms from the Boost Winnings option. We recommend Charms, as they are the best deal. Both Coins and Charms cost Gems.

To purchase Gems for money, select "Buy Gems" and explore the Purchase Center page to see the different offers that are available. 



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