I Didn't Get My Outfit (Bought Or Gifted)

If you don't activate a new outfit when you first purchase it, it will appear in the easy-to-miss Custom section of your Outfit Profile.

To access the custom section of your Outfit Profile:

  • Select Menu in the upper-left of the Vegas World screen
  • Select Profile Menu from the top of the list that appears (next to your avatar's head-shot)
  • Open your Outfits Profile screen.
  • Select "Custom" (on the left-hand sidebar)

From the Custom section you can activate recently purchased Outfits (if they haven't been activated already), create unique outfits using the clothing items you've collected, or sell items you no longer want (In most cases we do NOT recommend this, as you get very few Coins for selling clothing. It's best for removing duplicate items, and even then maybe not.)

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